5 Typical Types of Popcorn Chicken

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Have you ever heard of popcorn chicken before? It is a type of fried food consisting of chopped or minced chicken meat, breaded and deep-fried. It has an appearance, crunchiness, and taste similar to popcorn which gives it its name. popcorn chicken  

Who made it first?

You might wonder where this food came from or who made it first. While there are several claimants to the invention of popcorn chicken, no one knows for sure how long ago people started eating this dish. Australia, one country claiming it invented this dish because Australians created their version called "chicken saltimbocca" in 1978. Other countries have not widely accepted this claim because they believed that the Americans first made this dish. Some people believe that the Americans were the first to create this fried snack because a restaurant called Prince's Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville, Tennessee, served popcorn chicken as early as 1934. However, some other researchers think it was not invented by them and stated that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) created and sold popcorn chicken for years before its competitor, even though the former refuses to acknowledge this claim. Regardless of who made it first or how long ago people started eating popcorn chicken, one thing is certain - thousands of people love to eat this crunchy delight every day! Whether you buy it at your favorite fast-food chains such as KFC or McDonalds or make it yourself with any recipe using your oven or deep fryer, popcorn chicken is a dish that everyone can enjoy.

How to make it?

If you want to make your own popcorn chicken at home, here are some tips and tricks on how to make it by following this popcorn chicken recipe:
  1. Use the best quality of meat. To get the most out of your popcorn chicken-making experience, always use meat with high-quality grade A when buying from a supermarket or local butcher. This will ensure that the meat will taste great after being cooked in any way that you like. Remember that when choosing meats for recipes such as this one, it's not just about presentation but also flavor and texture!
  2. Make sure to cut the meat into even sizes. This way, the meat will cook evenly and make the resulting product more presentable.
  3. Prepare your batter by mixing flour and spices such as salt and pepper. After that, coat each piece of chicken in this mixture before placing it on a baking sheet. If you want to save time or are afraid that your hands might get messy during the coating process, put all the ingredients into a Ziploc bag, then shake it until each piece is coated with batter.
  4. Bake or fry your pieces of chicken following the instructions given for their respective cooking methods. For example, if you are using an oven, set it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or 176 degrees Celsius) and leave the chicken inside until it turns golden brown. Make sure to check it occasionally, then remove the pieces as soon as they are done cooking. When frying, heat oil in a preheated pan or deep fryer before coating and cooking your chicken.
  5. Serve with a dipping sauce like barbecue sauce, mayonnaise (for fried chicken only), etc., if desired.
  6. popcorn chicken

Different kinds of popcorn chicken

There are many types of popcorn chicken available in the market. Some home cooks like to make their own popcorn chicken, while some prefer buying it readymade from stores or restaurants. There are many different recipes you can find over the internet to make your popcorn chicken at home. However, it is also suggested to visit your nearest store and pick up the best quality fried poultry to prepare this delicacy in no time. At times you might have cooked meat at home but still feel like having something fried, so that's when these delicious treats come in handy. Here are few examples of different kinds of popcorn chicken:

Normal Popcorn Chicken

This type is made by marinating boneless pieces of chicken and then deep-frying it in cooking oil. You can use different kinds of spices to make this type tasty and flavourful. Make sure you do not overcook them as they may turn dry and hard.

Hot & Spicy Popcorn Chicken

This variety is prepared by marinating the chicken pieces with spicy sauces like chili sauce or barbeque sauce. It is advisable to experiment with these flavors by adding chilly red flakes, pepper powder, cayenne pepper, etc., according to your taste before deep-frying the chicken pieces.

BBQ Popcorn Chicken

The name reveals that this kind is prepared using barbecue sauce or teriyaki sauce instead of the regular plain water used to mix with cornflour. The sauce is poured onto the chicken pieces and marinated for few minutes before deep frying them in oil or butter.

Burnt Garlic Fried Chicken

This variety of popcorn chicken is made by sprinkling burnt garlic powder and black pepper powder on the fried chicken after removing it from hot oil. You may also use chopped garlic cloves instead of roasted garlic. Coat the fried chicken with these spices and enjoy your delicious snack.

Cheese Popcorn Chicken

The name itself signifies that this type contains cheese and other spices that you can mix before coating it over each piece of boneless pieces of meat. Marinate the poultry pieces for at least an hour before deep frying them in cooking oil till they are perfectly crisp. This recipe is also suitable for vegetarians who love having snacks with cheese. popcorn chicken

Other Popcorn Chicken Recipe

You can experiment by coating chicken pieces in green chili sauce, barbeque sauce, or chocolate syrup before deep frying them to make delicious types of popcorn chicken. Frozen popcorn chicken is also available in groceries, so you just have to fry it or use an air fryer for cooking your own air fryer popcorn chicken. These are just a few examples that you can use when thinking about different kinds of popcorn chicken recipes out there. The options are endless, and the only limit is your imagination!


Whether you want to make popcorn chicken using your oven at home or buy them already cooked from fast-food chains, remember that this tasty treat is perfect for an afternoon snack, dinner treat, party appetizer, or even for lunch! McDonald's has their version of this dish called Chicken McBites which is now one of the top-selling items on its menu worldwide; KFC also has its own version of KFC popcorn chicken, known as Popcorn Nuggets. Others are Taiwanese popcorn chicken, Tyson popcorn chicken, Popeyes popcorn chicken, Sonic popcorn chicken, etc. Popcorn chicken is definitely one of the most beloved fried snacks out there! So, have you decided what you will eat for dinner after reading this article? If not, why don't you try making your own popcorn chicken with the tips and recipes above? You can also make some other type of snack if you want to. Remember that good food starts from good ingredients, so choose only the best cuts of meat to get started! Bon appetite All!