Tips for Fried Catfish in 2021

fried catfish

Deep-fried goodness! Yes, fried catfish is full of goodness and that’s what you get when you consume it. Ray-finned, there are thousands of species of catfish. They are inhabitants of rivers and streams. A few of them are adapted to seawater. Catfish is also one of the widely farmed fish. Taking the nutritional value of catfish into account, it is good you consume it anyway. It is a powerhouse of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. It is rich in Vitamin B12, sodium, phosphorous, etc. Many enjoy the flavor and taste of the fish. However, fish comes with a lot of health benefits too.

Now, that you have learned catfish is a nutritional powerhouse, you may want to consume it. And, what’s the best way to have it?? While you may love to cook and consume it your own way, fried catfish remains the popular option. Fried catfish is unique in its flavor and it leaves you asking for more. Here are a few tips to get your catfish fry right.

Whether it is pan-fried catfish, oven-fried catfish, southern fried catfish, or fried catfish nuggets that remain the major attraction on the dinner table? Whatever, it is, this is how you can perfect any fried catfish recipe.

fried catfish

The magic starts with the cut


A cut that is perfect and thin, about 4 to 6 ounces gives the greatest appeal to the eye. The fish just curls up when deep-fried. You can try any fried catfish recipe and you will see; it will turn out just fine with these thin cuts. The cuts and the shape of the fish really create a difference. Once, the dish appeals to your eye, then the appetite begins!


Bank on cornmeal


If you’re hosting a party at home and you want your catfish fry to be an item on the menu, then you have to do something to get it right. Bank on cornmeal to get any fried catfish recipe right. The use of cornmeal makes the fish crunchy and tasty. A classic, top-notch, catfish fry is what you will offer the guests, by adding this mini ingredient to your catfish fry recipe.


Master the skill of multitasking


When you are trying a pan-fried catfish, you may have to master the skill of multitasking. While you use one hand to sift the fish, you may need the other hand to handle the spatula. If you do not master this skill, your pan-fried catfish or southern fried catfish may go for a toss. So, see that you use your abilities very well to get your recipe right.

fried catfish

Watch while you fry


If you are planning to make an oven-fried catfish, try using a large oven or if you are planning to make fried catfish nuggets, see that you use a big pan, preferably made of cast iron. This will prevent the oil from spilling out. Also, plan in such a way, you can fry them in batches. Overloading the skillet will cause the fish to steam. You really don’t want to spoil your recipe? Isn’t it?


Have a thermometer handy


When you are trying a southern fried catfish, then have a deep-frying thermometer handy. Check for the temperature of the oil before you drop the fish. Also, check the temperature between batches before frying. Wait till the oil reaches the specified temperature. This will ensure that the fish is fried properly. And, once you remove the fish out of oil, you will see that the fish is crunchy and crispy.


Use a fork


If you are frying a catfish for the first time and you are quite nervous, then use a fork to find out if you have got it right. Once you feel, the cooking is done, stick the fork on the thickest part of the fish. If it is ready then, you will see it flake. This tip can also be used by the experienced to avoid any possible error while frying a catfish.

fried catfish

Forget the paper towels


If you want your catfish fry to be crisp, then you need to forget those paper towels. Paper towels make the fish soggy. Always use tongs to squeeze out the extra oil. Once you take the fish out of oil, make sure to place them on a cooling rack made of metal. This will ensure that your fish stays crisp.


Keep the sides


Fried catfish can be interesting to eat only with good side dishes. So, keep it interesting. You may try some hush puppies, coleslaw, or baked beans. Once you get this right, then your party is going to have the best dish. What more? Guests are going to thank you for that!


The final tip


Imagine all you could get was some frozen fillets. Then place them in a colander. Keep a pan beneath it. See that you thaw it in the refrigerator for a night. Keep it in the coldest part of your fridge and see that you use them in the next two days.

fried catfish

Closing thoughts


Catfish is one of the best things to add to your diet. While it offers a good taste and flavor irrespective of the fried catfish recipe you may try, it also comes with a bag of good health benefits. For the uninformed, catfish is a great choice when it comes to maintaining your heart health. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and you can reap the benefits when you consume them. Catfish is also effective in improving blood circulation, thereby keeping you away from thrombosis. It is also beneficial for your joints and eyes. People who add catfish to their diet, have been told to have fewer rheumatoid issues.

Catfish can also reduce asthma problems in children as they are good for the lungs. The best part is catfish is effective when it comes to managing a healthy weight and also it fights depression. The high nutritional value of the fish makes it an attractive option for all those on weight loss. Catfish is one of the wonder foods, anyone may want to try. Taste and benefit served on a platter! Who can resist? Try the delicious recipes and see your mood turn exotic.

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