How to Cook Sunny Side Up Eggs - 7 Easy Steps

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Most people boil their eggs, scramble them or fry them. Very few people know how to cook an egg sunny side up. But, before you learn how to cook sunny side up eggs, you need to understand what this term means. Most restaurant/diners use this term for hard cooked, unbroken yolks which are usually not visible when the egg is served. The white part of these types of eggs mostly surrounds the yolk and it is also visible on top of the dish. Not many people use this term to refer to a particular style of preparing an egg and most people don't know how to make sunny side up eggs.

Eggs are a super food!

Eggs contain protein and essential nutrients such as choline, vitamin B12, riboflavin, folate, selenium, iron and other vitamins. Even eating just one egg daily can have a really positive impact on your health! PRECAUTIONS: Wait 24 hours after consuming raw eggs before drinking unpasteurized milk as the two may have been cross-contaminated. Pasteurization kills the harmful germs in raw eggs that cause salmonellosis, which can be deadly if not treated immediately. For infants and children: Cook eggs thoroughly before giving them to your little ones, or if you go the raw route, make sure they are well-mashed so there are no chunks. Eggs contain a significant amount of protein and can be the only source of food for infants and children under the age of 1 year. Make sure to cook eggs thoroughly so there's no risk of food poisoning from salmonella. sunny side up eggs

How to cook perfect sunny side up eggs in the oven

  • Two Eggs · Prepared Dish/ Plate or Container for serving the egg with white visible as much as possible · Oven Proof Dish (Pyrex, Metal, Ceramic etc.) · Butter (optional)
Steps: 1. Get your oven proof dish and grease it with butter if required. 2. Now break two eggs into it and spread them around so that they completely cover the bottom of the dish or container. If you do not want or cannot see the yolk at all, you can break more than two eggs. 3. Place the dish in an oven and let it preheat for at least 5 minutes on 350 degrees Fahrenheit/180 Celsius or 212 Fahrenheit/100 Celsius if your oven does not go this low. Now cover the dish with aluminium foil so that nothing falls into the egg while baking. If you do not want to eat baked yolks, then take this step. 4. Pre-cook them for about 2 to 6 minutes depending upon how runny or firm you like your sunny side up eggs to be, before removing it from the oven and serve hot with toast or any other breakfast items of choice.

How to cook sunny side up eggs in the microwave

You Will Need
  • Eggs (as many as you want)
  • Microwave safe plate/dish
  • Spatula for turning eggs
Optional: salt, pepper, any spices you like Optional: tartar sauce or mayonnaise (I recommend Hellman's real mayo) OPTIONAL PREPARATION STAGE: You can prepare your eggs beforehand to save time. Just crack the shells on the side of the dish and pour them into a bowl. This will make it easier later when it comes to whisking! If you don't do this step, try not to let any shell fall in with your egg mixture because they don't taste good and it will be a bitch to try to fish them out. Eggshells also suck at me on this one. WHY YOU NEED: -You don't have time or patience for regular stove top frying, but you would like some yummy sunny side up eggs! -You are camping with no access to stove tops, ovens, microwaves (you primitive caveman!) sunny side up eggs HOW TO DO IT:
  1. Crack as many eggs into the bowl as you want sunny side up eggs.
  2. If doing optional pre-prep stage, whisk the egg mixture well.
  3. Pour beaten egg mixture through center of dish (optional)
  4. Might take 30 seconds per egg (do 2 at a time), but you might need to experiment with your microwave. If doing pre-prep stage, skip this step and go straight to next.
  5. Use spatula to gently flip the yolks up, like shown in video (optional)
  6. Microwave until whites look cooked
  7.  Salt and pepper to taste 8. Enjoy!
*If cooking more than 1 egg white at a time, keep an eye on it because it turns from fluffy and delicious into rubbery and gross kind of quick!

How To Make Sunny Side Up Eggs Without Oil

Ingredients: Eggs (as many as you need) Salt (optional) to taste. Steps: Heat a small non-stick pan on high for 1 minute. The pan must be very hot, but not to the point where it's smoking. Crack one egg into the center of the pan and let it sit there without moving it until white solidifies around the yolk, about 2 minutes. Season with salt to taste. Turn off heat, transfer egg onto plate or bowl with spoon, serve warm. Repeat steps 3-6 for however many eggs you'd like to make! Your sunny side up eggs should look something like this when done: DONE! No oil needed enjoy!

You can add these flavorings to sunny side up eggs

1.Garlic powder, onion powder or black pepper to taste. 2.Herbs such as rosemary, basil and parsley packed finely. 3.Chilli flakes for a little kick. 4.Sriracha hot sauce is always nice! 5.Tomato slices, fresh or sundried. sunny side up eggs 6.Greek yogurt drizzled on top with a dash of paprika! 7.Savoury granola sprinkled on top is also delicious! Try it! 8.Throw some avocado chunks into the pan after you crack the egg and then flip them together for a gourmet breakfast burrito/wrap that tastes like heaven!! 9.If you have leftover veggies from dinner, dice those up and throw those in as well to make it a balanced meal. Enjoy!!! 10.Throw in some cheese at the end to make it even more delicious!!! 11.Frozen veggies pre-chopped and ready to dump into the pan! (You can buy these in your produce section at any grocery store!) Have a cracking time!